Dear Parents,

I believe in using words that retain their true meaning, and one of those words is “happiness.” At CBS, The British School of Seville, we strive to ensure that our students are happy while they learn, as we believe that this is key to a meaningful life.

A wise man once told me that it is easier to be happy in life when those around you are also happy. I have taken these words to heart, and I feel privileged to lead the CBS team.

When you feel respected and supported by others, when you experience solidarity during difficult times, when you can rely on responsible individuals to fulfill their duties, when you feel integrated into a tolerant community despite your differences, and when you see all of this happening with unwavering determination, that is when you know that your life is full of happiness and success.

If we want our students to become successful and educated individuals who can contribute to a happier society, we must lead by example through our values. This simple yet true tautology is why I find fulfillment in leading CBS, The British School of Seville. We help our students to maintain strong values that allow them to make those around them happy, and like the law of conservation of energy in nature, happiness always returns.

Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to us.

Best regards,

Agustín Aycart Marsá
School Principal
CBS, The British School of Seville